Catalog of Early Works

Catalog of Early Works

Catalog of early works by the A.G. Ananov firm.

It contains photos of jewelry pieces and texts in Russian and English.

In the foreword, A.G. Ananov writes:

The name of Carl Faberge, just as that of the entire Faberge family, denotes more than just an illustrious yet tragic page in our nation’s history. Today, the name has become a nominal denotation of perfection of form, talent, taste, precision detailing - the highest caliber of mastery a jeweler can possibly achieve.

The works presented in this book are not a reflection of blind allegiance or an attempt to copy the works of the art’s brilliant forefather, but rather an ode to the firm’s experience in mastering and reviving the best traditions of the Russian jewelry trade known around the world today as the “Faberge School.”  

...I never set my sights on repeating, much less surpassing, the work of my illustrious compatriot.

I’ve always respected his tremendous contribution to world culture, his talent, and his industriousness.

I do my best to anticipate emerging trends in the art’s evolution, attempting to compensate for the damage done to the Russian jewelry world, the Russian masters, and the dynasty of some of the finest jewelers the world has ever known - the House of Carl Faberge.

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