Easter egg nightlight

Easter egg nightlight


Private collection.

The work was initially ordered by King Hasan II of Morocco, as a wedding present for his daughter.

Both the egg and the stand are grinded from jade. The surface of the egg is covered in grape-vine leaves finished in enamel and emeralds. Inside the egg, pushing a tiny concealed button turns on LED lights mounted in flower blossoms. The egg is crowned by a little bird -  a hummingbird holding an emerald in its beak.

King Hasan II was thrilled with the nightlight - perhaps a bit too much. He carefully inspected it for a long time. Switched it on and off, opened and closed it...

 “I’m afraid my daughter will wind up playing with it her whole wedding night...” he finally joked. And didn’t end up buying it after all.

The work was fabricated by the jeweler V. Leonov.

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